Why Double Cleansing is so important? Learning the K-Beauty double cleansing was a game-changer for me.

Muji Oil Cleanser & Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser (1. Oil Cleanser 2. Water-based Cleanser)

It’s very important to make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed from any impurities.  Throughout the day, you collect debris, sweat & dirt; however, you also collect oil-based impurities like make-up and sebum. Double cleansing ensures that you are thoroughly cleansing away a days worth of oil & water-based impurities! Implementing this type of cleansing into my skincare routine was a game changer for me. My skincare products were getting absorbed faster and my acne breakouts were lessened.

So why is it important to do a 2 step cleanse?

  • Step 1: Oil cleansing (can be in solid or liquid form), which is a very crucial step if you wear make-up and/or sunscreen. With the knowledge that oil attracts oil, cleansing with oil first will help melt oil-based impurities like make-up and sebum (oily secretion from our pores). This first step is also very nourishing & doesn’t strip away natural oils from our skin.
  • Step 2: Clean with a water-based cleanser to make sure all the water-based impurities like dirt, sweat, and debris is washed off. The second cleanse cleans deeper into the skin. Also, whatever dirt was not removed from oil cleansing –can be removed in this step. It is important to choose a water-based cleanser that is a low pH,  since our skin is an acid mantle (an acidic thin layer that is about a pH of 5.5); hence, keeping the skin pH balanced.




To start your journey to more supple, clean skin, here is a step by step guide of how to properly double cleanse:

  • Start with clean hands (wash your  hands thoroughly with soap).
  • Using dry hands and dry face, apply 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil (or a cleansing balm if that’s your cup of tea!) & massage the oil gently into face for at least 30-45 seconds. This step helps melt make-up & sunscreen.                                                  *Using dry hands is key because the dry cleansing oil or balm will attract the oil-based impurities/ dirt.
  • Add some water to face and continue massaging face (this step is called emulsification), then rinse.
  • Then follow with your choice of water-based face cleanser (based on your skin-type of course).
  • Pat dry your face (no rubbing, which can cause wrinkles) with a clean towel.

The reasons this double-cleansing method was a game-changer for my skin care routine:

  1.  My acne break outs rapidly decreased (since my skin was being properly cleansed from all the impurities, dirt and oils).
  2. My favorite anti-aging serums were getting absorbed faster –since my pores were not clogged. The results were very apparent and rewarding.
  3. My skin dullness improved and my complexion was brighter.

Atopalm Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Ampoule: A Hydrating Serum

real barrier ampoule pic

Dr. Raymond
•Dr. Park’s children suffered from atopic dermatitis.  Atopalm was born from a “parent’s love for his children and passion for research.”
• developed a technology proven to help heal and repair the skin barrier
• In Korea, this is considered one of the “go to” brand for sensitive irritated skin
• He says –”once you strengthen your skin barrier, the rest of your skincare becomes easy”
Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Ampoule (Review)
According to Atopalm, Real Barrier line was developed for dry & Sensitive skin types. It has their Patented MLE technology (which is the core piece that holds together the skin barrier or “brick and mortar” of the skin. Dr Park’s MLE technology repairs & strengthens, while healing skin deep.

Star Ingredients / claims:
1. “patented Dual Ceramides” – to help strengthen the skin barrier, retains hydration without feeling dry for a long duration
2. 5 different hyaluronic acids – for delivery of moisture to different layers of the skin
3. Panthenol – for calming the skin
4. Madecassoside – (derived from Centella asiatica, a medicinal plant) for moisturization, has anti-inflammatory properteries
5. Allantoin – is for soothing & protecting the skin

(Image above Referenced from http://www.atopalm.com)
(Image above Referenced from http://www.atopalm.com)

Recommendation: Skin types that are oily, require intense hydration, & lacks moisture.

How I use:
I use this in my treatment/serum step (AFTER cleansing, toner, essence); however it can also be used by placing a couple drops in moisturizer to increase hydration efficacy.
My thoughts:
I am so in love with the ingredients list (I know we’re not suppose to judge a product just my ingredient list since we really don’t know exact amount or quantity)! I can’t ignore the fact that it also performs the way it claims. This is another Atopalm product that does not disappoint. It’s so soothing, light-weight, absorbs instantly & yes of course it hydrates.
It is a must try for those of you who produce too much sebum/oil & needs an “almost weightless” ampoule. (For more information on Atopalm products go to Atopalm.com)




Summer Skincare : New Benton Toner

benton toner
Light weight hydration | Nourishing | Oil Water balance

Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Toner


Definition of BENTON
‘Benton’ is inspired by the fictional movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” In the movie, the main character, Benjamin Button, grows younger with time.
Benton cosmetics’ quote is to “take a journey back in time with Benton” with the brand value of “freshly made products and healthy ingredients,” rather than to give temporary effects with harmful ingredients.

Claims for the Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Toner are as follows:

  • free of artificial fragrance and alcohol
  • has Cacao extracts (the cacao is a wholesome food with rich minerals & nutrients) which provide moisture and nutrition
  • has Hyaluronic acid for hydration
  • texture: has a light formula, clear, non-sticky & watery-like consistency
  • It is for all seasons
  • Skin type recommendation: from sensitive skin, oily skin, to dry dull skin type “Lacking nourishment”

Star Ingredients:

  • Cacao Extract
  • Cacao Seed Extract
  • Cacao Flower Extract
  • Sodium Hyaluronate



How to use:

  • Always use toner after cleansing, before serums & moisturizer; it is after cleansing skin gets sensitive & loss of moisture occurs.

My thoughts:

  • I have been using the cacao moist and mild line by Benton (cream & serum) ever since the weather started getting warmer & I’ve grown extremely fond of this cacao line, especially during these summer nights. This toner is an excellent toner for the 7 skin method. Which I am addicted to as my daily regime considering my skin type is very dry and tight. The toner is very hydrating, light-weight, & non-sticky/non-tacky (even after 7 applications of toner). It also accommodates to sensitive skin since its very mild, unscented / fragrance-free, & alcohol free. I highly recommend this effective product; its gentle and undoubtedly effective.





Benton has a Cruelty-Free certification “Beauty without Bunnies” –PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Serum (Review)

Benton Cacao moist and mild serum ➖ (A hydrating serum💧)
 Some beneficial Ingredients listed below: 

…💧80% Cacao Extracts ( very high content)
…💧Sodium Hyaluronate (or Hyaluronic Acid)
…💧Centella Asiatica Extract
…💧Licorice Root Extract

 Benefits/Benton claims:
      This serum has a high content of cacao extract plus Hyaluronic Acid, supplying the skin intense moisture & nourishing benefits. >> It also provides protection & water-Oil Balance to the skin. A year round serum for all four seasons.

      How it feels/ fragrance: A clear, slight viscous consistency, not at all watery, but not thick either; its so light-weight & not sticky when applied. It actually feels smooth, nicely refreshing & very hydrating. This serum has no scent (fragrance-free) & non-irritating to my skin…oh and YES it just layers So well with other products.

     I’m very pleased with this hydrating / nourishing serum. I have dry skin & if I don’t hydrate well, I feel that tightness in my skin throughout the day. This serum helps dry skin a great deal & I don’t feel that tightness when applying this serum (disclaimer: I stopped using other hydrating serums to be able to fully test this out fairly). I can notice it helps with my dry patchy areas, so I’m really happy about that. I will be re-purchasing this serum, especially for my summer use! I highly recommend this serum for all skin types.

Free of colorant, fragrance, alcohol, and PEGs.

*Benton has provided this product for review purpose; all opinions are my own.

Style Korean “Try Me; Review Me” Skincare Glowing Clover Set

I recently received a “try me; review me” skincare set from Style Korean; Here are my thoughts:


The Jumiso First Skin- Lightening Mask

This mask makes me smile; it was definitely a nice treat. The sheet mask material is made of Cupra sheet, which is 100% from the mildest fluff part of the cotton yarn. The sheet (material) is quite soft on the skin, very breathable, & because the absorption is so great, it holds on to the essence or serum very well. The adherence is pretty good & sticks to the curves of my face. I really like it when my face mask does not slide down; so the experience is extra if I can do stuff around the house & lying down is only an option.

The Main Ingredients:

  • Niacinamide – helps with brightening
  • Ceramide complex – strengthen skin barrier, increase skin firmness
  • Gigawhite – skin lightening agent
  • Redberry complex – Rich in Vitamins & anti-oxidant

I Apply sheet masks as follows:

  1. Remove sheet mask from package & unfold the mask using the mesh
  2. Apply to face after toner & serum step (this is my preference since I believe the mask will stay on for 15-20 min which will help increase absorption of my serums underneathe.
  3. Lastly, remove mask & pat face gently ( to help absorb the remaining essence or serum) & apply moisturizer.

I’m really loving this mask. I have 2 left from the set & I’m already sad about it. My before & after picture doesn’t do me justice (I think). I really noticed a brightening effect after this mask. This mask is a great add-on to let’s say…a Saturday skincare regime before going out on a date.

Heimish pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam

The “All Clean Green Foam” is very mild, hydrating & quite soothing. This was my favorite product in this skincare Set! I already have a favorite face cleanser, so anything I use at this time, I compare to that favorite holy grail. I know, very snooty about my cleansers.

So, let’s talk about the fact that I truly enjoyed this cleanser! First of all, I do love gel cleansers; this gel texture turns into a soft creamy lather. It’s very soothing, hydrating & gentle. There is a scent …but, since there’s no fragrance added to this… I’m thinking its probably the ingredients (& it was not bad or good). My bottom line, highly recommend this cleanser & I know I will be re-purchasing when I run out. So far, Heimish has yet to disappoint.

20180520_163708-01 - Copy
Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water

Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water

Benton’s “Tea Tree Cleansing Water” has 10 clean ingredients; the star ingredient, tea tree, has lots of benefits, like hydrating the skin, sebum control, & has astringent benefits. I think this works really well removing my make-up & any left-over impurities. I use this before cleansing as a pre-cleansing step (this step works well for me). I truly love the soothing effect of this cleansing water; the tea tree scent is also an added bonus for me.

I did have my daughter try this for a week, since she has the recommended skin type for this cleansing water (acne prone, oily, & angry skin from make-up) …& she just loves it (sooo… she said she will be keeping this since the tea tree is more beneficial for her skin type) and of course I gave in –because she asked me nicely.

Hyggee_korea “All-in-One H2 Soap”

The hyggee_korea “All-in-One H2 Soap” is so fabulous! I don’t care for face soap bars, but yeah– this one is gooood…its moisturizing & didn’t dry my skin out (which is typical for most soap bars I have used in the past). It is suppose to help improve skin redness, irritation, & acne; however, I was not suffering with these skin problems during my try & review process.

This “All-in-One H2 Soap” is no ordinary soap bar. It’s a hydrogen-rich soap! But what does that even mean? Hydrogen molecules act as antioxidants & used in Korea for dermal therapy treatments. Hydrogen treatments has been known to help with skin tone & pre-mature aging. That’s Impressive!

I am highly recommending this soap as a “must try!” I do have very dry skin & the red dry sensitive cheeks every now & then. The H2 soap is suppose to be good for my dry tight skin. Hyggee soap bar was for sure a pleasant surprise. I’m honestly appreciating this soap; I mean, look at that delicious looking lather…it looks like whip cream.

Abib hand crème type V fragrant tube

Abib hand Crème Type V is combination of Shea Butter, Machi-Hyun, and Moringa. It is creamy, moisturizing & not sticky or greasy at all; it really came in handy when I also needed a fragrance refresher when I was out for dinner. I would say the scent is like a masculine Citrus fragrance for me; it’s actually calming & soothing. If I had sensitive nose, I would not tolerate this hand crème. It’s definitely not for people who have sensitivity to strong fragrances. For me, this one is a keeper.